This is a four week course combining pre-recorded trainings with live Q&As with wellness business mentor Vicky Shilling that will help you take practical steps to more effectively market your business in a way that feels more aligned, more sustainable and more you than the relentless churn of social media.

This course is perfect for:

  • Health professionals at any stage of their business, either totally new or more established, to learn marketing techniques that don’t rely on social media
  • Anyone who is feeling exhausted, intimidated or just totally out of alignment with using social media to promote what they do and get clients
  • For health experts that do still want to use social media, but want to add more variety to their enquiries and income streams to make their business more sustainable

Date: Monday 1st May 2023

CPD = 8 points

It’s 4 hours of training, plus live Q&A time (4hrs).

Cost = €100 for 4 weeks content with life-time access to the resources.

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