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Third Party CPD Accreditation

What is third party CPD accreditation?

A supplement company, lab testing company, NT training provider or any organisation running a practitioner focused nutrition related training event can apply to the NTOI to have their practitioner event assessed and accredited by the NTOI CPD team.

Once approved the CPD event will be posted on the CPD events page of the NTOI website, will be promoted on the NTOI monthly newsletter. The event will also be listed on the members CPD log in the NTOI members site.

CPD accreditation also entitles a 3rd party company to use the NTOI logo for a period of one year but only in direct relation to the approved event(s).

All NTOI members have an annual quota of CPD requirements to achieve which is strictly enforced. Therefore all CPD events accredited and promoted by the NTOI are very well attended.

How to Obtain CPD Accreditation?

For any courses/seminars/workshops to be considered for CPD accreditation, please fill out the form below.

If the event constitutes part of a series or day/weekend/week programme, you are requested to submit all details at the same time so that the CPD Committee may review the event as a whole.

How much does it cost?

The cost includes CPD accreditation, posting details on the NTOI website.

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Apply from January 2024


€100 for the first hour

€15 every hour after

Capped at 15 hours

Additional Information :

Accreditation is valid for 12 months.

If you want to repeat the same event during that time, with no change in content, no further approval or charge is incurred.

CPD accreditation entitles you to use the NTOI logo for a period of one year but only in direct relationship with the approved event(s).

The CPD points awarded are based on one CPD hour per hour of learning.  For courses of a longer duration, the maximum number of hours per course is 15. Once the event is approved we will inform you of the CPD points awarded.

CPD Accreditation Application

CPD Accreditation Application Form


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