Nutritional Therapists of Ireland

The professional association supporting qualified Nutritional Therapists in Ireland.

Why join NTOI?

The NTOI currently supports full members, practicing and non practicing, and student members throughout Ireland.

The advantages of membership of the NTOI are varied and suit different practitioners in different ways. The most important is that the NTOI is the largest organisation representing qualified Nutritional Therapists in Ireland. This gives the members access to a substantial peer group and an excellent support network throughout the country.

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The NTOI membership is constantly increasing, bringing a wide variety of knowledge, skills, interests and people into the organisation. It provides invaluable professional support and opportunities as well as the knowledge that you are a member of a professional organisation which constantly reviews its services, and maintains the highest standards.

The NTOI has much to offer all its members, be they students or fully qualified, practising or non-practising. The ongoing CPD programme and the numerous peer-driven events around the country mean there is an active and vibrant NTOI network nationwide.

The NTOI welcome applications for membership from any Nutritional Therapists or student Nutritional Therapists who have undertaken, or are undertaking their training at NTOI recognised colleges in Ireland, or equivalent in other countries. (Membership enquiries from colleges overseas should email [email protected] directly with their qualification details). 

The NTOI does not run its own courses but recognises diplomas from NTOI accredited colleges. The courses taken must be the full diploma (level 7 up), with a minimum of 200 hours supervised clinical training as a module. The NTOI does not recommend any one college above the others. 

We are continually promoting the benefits of Nutritional Therapy through the work of our volunteer members to other health care professionals, government, health care insurance providers, the media, and to the public at large.

Membership Fees and Requirements

Membership Renewal

Renewal fee links are provided direct to each member by NTOI when due

Annual Renewal fees

As above but minus the Registration fee


Membership Forms

Please note New practising members – New members non practising – Upgrade from Student to Full membership, practising or non practising. There is a link to upload your graduation diploma from a NTOI recognised college on the relevant form. This is a required field*

Please note New Student members: There is a link to upload a letter of acceptance from NTOI recognised college. This is a required field*       


All NTOI membership categories are by calendar year.

Pro Rata payments apply for new members joining throughout the calendar year.

NTOI Accredited Colleges

                        The College of Naturopathic Medicine


Study Path?

NTOI does not recommend any one college above others

Please see List of NTOI approved Colleges above

Membership Benefits

Find a Practitioner

A comprehensive Practitioner directory on the NTOI website, featuring fully accredited and registered Nutritional Therapists. Our user-friendly interface provides potential clients with filter options, facilitating a seamless search for a Nutritional Therapist who meets their specific needs. Enhance your online presence and enable clients to easily connect with qualified practitioners through our platform.

Access to Natural Medicine database

NTOI has funded a subscription to a comprehensive natural medical database, granting access to valuable information in the field.

NATMED PRO – The most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and integrative therapies.

Irish Life Health

Our vision in Irish Life Health is ‘Helping People Live Healthier Lives’. That’s why we offer money back on benefits like Nutritionists/ Dietitians; Fitness Wearables; Life Coaching; Gym membership and many more to keep members healthy. On selected plans Irish Life Health members can claim a contribution towards the cost of attending a Nutritionist who is registered with the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland.

Membership Discounts

Receive membership discounts with partner companies.

Event Access

Get Access to NTOI approved CPD webinars, seminars, and other events.

Event Discounts

Receive discounts on selected CPD events.


Conference/AGM attendance and opportunity to contribute. Read More


Updates via the monthly bulletin and newsletter.

Private Members Group

Access to members social media community to ask questions and share with other fellow nutritionists

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Nutritional Therapists of Ireland Clg
Company No. 4890289
[email protected]

Suite 10678
26/27 Upper Pembroke St. 
Dublin 2
D02 X361

Nutritional Therapists of Ireland Clg
Company No. 4890289
[email protected]

Suite 10678
26/27 Upper Pembroke St. 
Dublin 2
D02 X361