A Deep Dive into Hormonal Systems
Empowering Strategies for Endometriosis, HPA Axis & Metabolic Balance
The Nutrition Collective is bringing you the second virtual Ultimate Hormones Conference, providing attendees with a comprehensive exploration of the intricate world of hormones, offering a full-body scan of various hormonal systems and in-depth discussions on critical topics, utilising the latest research.
Join live talks from renowned experts, Dr Carrie Jones, Dr. Ghazala Aziz Scott and Patrick Holford sharing their latest cutting edge knowledge and research. There will also be on demand sessions and sponsored talks providing 8 hours of CPD/CE. The speakers will provide examples of how specific strategies can support clients, giving you practical and transferable knowledge for your own clinics.
Register today! NTOI member discount code: NTOI20
Date: 30 November 2023
Location: Online
Cost: £50
Registration link: https://registration.hormonesconference.com/the-ultimate-hormones-conference