Metabolic Flexibility: Integrative Oncology in Action
The Nutrition Collective are hosting the world’s top experts in the field of
Metabolic Flexibility: Integrative Oncology in Action.
Cancer shows a high degree of metabolic flexibility reacting to cues, and
stresses in their microenvironment. In simplistic terms cancer cells have an
innate ability to switch between utilising sugar or fat as a fuel source – enabling
them to be metabolically flexible.
You will learn the latest research and knowledge about potential strategies you
can use in your practice, understanding metabolic dependencies as a
therapeutic approach to cancer care.
How is this conference different?
This is a cancer conference like no other because this is the first time the focus
has been on metabolic flexibility as a solution in integrative oncology care. It is
an exciting topic as one which has frustrated therapeutic interventions in the
past, the metabolic adaptability of tumours. If cancer cells operate with
metabolic flexibility, to optimise treatment strategies we as professionals need to
understand this and come up with approaches that target cancer and are
metabolically flexible too, to outsmart cancer. The conference will be an
opportunity to delve deeper into the approaches these experts use in their
practice to support cancer clients, giving you practical and transferable
knowledge for your clinics.

Date: Sept 23rd

Time: 9.30am

Location: London

Cost: In-person ticket-£99, Virtual Ticket–£45 and Premium in-person Ticket – £109

Discount code for NTOI members: ASSOC15