Event Description:
The Gut Blueprint: Root Cause Solutions Using Nutri-Dyn Neutraceuticals
With Kristi Hughes, ND, IFMCP
The Nutrition Collective will be speaking with Kristi Hughes, ND, IFMCP, who
has been using Nutri-Dyn products in her private practice for over 20 years and
Rob Buckler, Nutri-Dyn’s UK representative, to find out more about how Nutri-
Dyn supplements and nutraceuticals can become an invaluable part of your
Kristi Hughes will be sharing her first hand knowledge and experience with
clients and how to utilise Nutri-Dyn nutraceuticals for therapeutic benefit in
specific health related conditions. Kristi Hughes not only has decades worth of
experience as a practitioner but she has lectured for industry leaders, medical
associations, and symposiums on root-cause medicine related topics and held a
position at the Institute for Functional Medicine for over a decade as the Director
of Medical Education.

Join us on the 22nd June for a Q&A to not only hear more about
Nutri-Dyn but get valuable knowledge and insight from an
experienced practitioner on specific client case studies and
relevant supporting nutritional protocols.

Date: 28th June

Time: 6pm to 7.30pm (UK)

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Event link: https://nutritioncollective.co.uk/event/3428/