PCOS Decoded: Empowering Women with PCOS through a Lifestyle Approach
Led by Dr. Nitu Bajekal and Rohini Bajekal
Join us for an enlightening Masterclass on managing Polycystic Ovary
Syndrome (PCOS) through a comprehensive lifestyle approach alongside                                                                    western medicine. Exploring the vital role of a holistic approach in alleviating
PCOS symptoms and learn practical strategies to support your clients’ well-
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a very common condition affecting
approximately 10% of women and is the most common cause of anovulatory
infertility and endocrine disorders among women of reproductive age.
This insightful session will be hosted by co-authors of Living PCOS free,
renowned gynecologist Dr Nitu Bajekal and her daughter expert nutritionist
Rohini Bajekal, who will share their knowledge and experience on how lifestyle
modification is a promising and effective therapeutic approach.
What insights and knowledge will you gain?:
Understanding PCOS: Gain a deeper understanding of PCOS, its etiology, and
its impact on women’s health. Explore the hormonal imbalances at play and
their role in the development of PCOS symptoms. The impact and burden
PCOS can have on metabolic health and disorders.
Lifestyle Interventions: Learn how a holistic lifestyle approach, encompassing
nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep, can significantly impact
PCOS management. How to empower your clients to make sustainable changes
and improve their overall health.
Nutritional Strategies: Discover evidence-based dietary interventions that can
effectively support clients with PCOS. Delve into the specifics of macronutrient
balance, micronutrient supplementation, and the importance of a personalised
approach to optimise hormone regulation.
Practical Guidance: Equip yourself with knowledge and strategies from the six
pillars of lifestyle medicine to enhance your practice and effectively support
clients with PCOS.
The diagnosis and management of PCOS is often challenging because it is a
mysterious condition with many symptoms that can vary with age and each
individual, therefore there is no one size fits all solution.
Genetics only plays 5-10% role in any lifestyle disease. This is good news which
means you can alter your destiny through modifying diet and lifestyle factors.
Our aim is to support you as practitioners so you can make a positive difference
in the lives of individuals struggling with this complex condition.

Join us to deep dive into unveiling protocols to manage and
support PCOS explained by a Dynamic Duo: Gynaecologist and
Nutritionist Mother-Daughter Team.

Date: July 6th

Time: 11am

location: Online

Cost: £15.00

Registration: https://nutritioncollective.co.uk/event/pcos-mastery/