Medicinal mushroom extracts are most known to be immune-
modulators. However, several studies and clinical trials have shown
their positive impact on stress resilience as well as supporting the
nervous system. A growing body of research supports the
neuroprotective effects of Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus​)
mushroom, so much so that it has earned itself the term “the smart
mushroom” due to its ability to improve cognitive performance and
reduce brain fog. Recent clinical trials have shown the efforts of
cordyceps on the adrenal supporting balance in the body.
Other mushrooms such as Reishi has demonstrated it’s effect in
significantly improving anxiety and stress levels.
Mushrooms contain potent ingredients that offer anti-inflammatory
properties, particularly beta-glucans and triterpenes, among many
others. These substances, which belong to the group of water-
soluble polysaccharides, help in regulating the immune system.
How do these mushroom compounds work and what are the
mechanisms of action on the body?
Join Mycotherapist and Founder of the Nutrition Collective Romina
Melowani and learn about:
 Clinically relevant insights & understandings about the anti-inflammatory
& stress modulating effects of mushroom extracts.
 About the specific compounds in reishi ,cordyceps and lions mane
mushrooms and how they work
 Specific protocols in clinical practice for nervous system health and
stress related conditions

Join us to deep dive into unveiling protocols to manage stress and
brain fog using medicinal mushrooms by Mycotherapist Romina

Date: 22nd Aug

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Online

Cost: £15.00