This years event focuses on The Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Approach to Female Health and Hormones.

We are working closely with The Institute for Functional Medicine, to bring you the most current, evidence based research and clinical findings.

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Now that we are back in-person, you will have direct access to more than 20 exhibitors from Ireland, UK, USA and Spain, showcasing products in our dedicated Exhibition Hall. During breaks, you can catch up with friends, colleagues and make new connections all while enjoying wholesome phytonutrient-rich, gluten-free food in a beautiful seafront setting. Every delegate can pick up an FMC Goodie Bag containing gifts from our sponsors, the contents is always a big hit, the FMC recordings will be sent to you after the event and you will earn CPD points.

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Topics & Focus Areas for 2022

  • Transgenerational health from child to parent.
  • SNPs/Genetics relating to Female Hormones.
  • Inflammatory conditions to include cardio health (hypertension), allergies and asthma, and the relationship with oestrogen metabolism.
  • Oestrogen metabolism and detoxification ( Phase 1 and 2).
  • Phase 3 oestrogen clearance from the mouth (oral microbiome) down through the intestines and its impact on the endocrinobolome/estrobolome
  • Breathing techniques for Anxiety, Sleep and more
  • Most up to date research and clinical evidence in PCOS, Insulin, Inflammation and beyond
  • Genomics tailor diet to your genes
  • The Functional Medicine approach to fibroids and endometriosis.
  • The Functional Medicine approach to making the decision around HRT.
  • Ask our panel session!

This is a healthcare practitioner (inc healthcare student) event.

Email [email protected] if you are unsure if qualify!