The 5-Day Diet: Boost Energy, Immunity and Burn Fat

With Best Selling Nutrition Expert Patrick Holford

Why do some people have lots of energy, while others struggle? Why do some people shrug off infections and others take weeks to recover?

According to nutrition expert Patrick Holford it’s all to do with your body’s operating system, which can be upgraded with a specific 5 day diet. The clue as to how to upgrade you cellular energy and immune power comes from studies of starvation diets, which this is not.

Normally, we are designed to run on carbohydrates. They break down into glucose which both muscles and the brain use for energy. But, in times of starvation we have a back-up system that breaks down stores of body fat into a different kind of fuel, ketones, which both the body and brain can use for energy.
It’s not a diet for life, but a diet to switch your body’s operating system back to health. If you’re healthy Patrick recommends doing it four times a year. If you’ve got healthy issues you want to resolves he recommends you do it once a month for four months.

His book tells you what to eat in between.

The Five Day Diet by Patrick Holford.

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