The HPA axis helps regulate the release of multiple hormones involved in the body’s stress response (both physical and emotional). Dysfunction of the HPA axis may result in an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and vulnerability to infection. There are multiple approaches to supporting the HPA axis including both food supplements and testing.

In this webinar, we will discuss research related to key nutrients and also cover urine and saliva testing for adrenal function using Precision Analytical’s DUTCH Complete™ and DUTCH Plus®. At the end of this webinar you will understand the science behind key supplements to manage a healthy stress response and the benefits and importance of testing cortisol. In addition, testing of DHEA metabolites, melatonin and additional OAT markers will be discussed with case examples to help understand how to address HPA axis dysfunction.


Rowena Thomson

Nutrition Science & Communications Manager, Solgar

Rowena is a Nutrition Science & Communications Manager at The Bountiful Company. Rowena has a Master’s in Homeopathy from the University of Johannesburg and has worked in private practice and as a lecturer.

Jo Majithia

Clinical Support Specialist, Regenerus Labs

Jo is an experienced registered nutritional therapist, educator and speaker. She graduated from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2003 and has been in continual practice. At Regenerus Labs she supports practitioners with test selection and interpretation, as well as presenting educational webinars. Jo uses a functional medicine approach to support various health concerns from her clinic in Brighton and online. Jo is also one of the health professionals at Vitality Works providing health and well-being programmes. She has previously worked for ION in various roles including clinic supervisor, module leader, lecturer and managing the Clinical Training provision for final year students between 2013-2016.

Date: Wednesday 29 March

Time: 11am – 12 noon

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