We ALL Have ‘Mental Health’ with Cain Leathem


Just as we all have Physical Health, we all have Mental Health! But just like the health of our bodies, our minds can face challenges and upset and may often need some support – be it ‘Time Out’, better ‘Training’ and/or Nutritional Support. This delivery by Cain Leathem will look at various aspects of how and why we may think the way we do, why some of us seem to be more resilient than others and what we as individuals can do to Optimise Our Thoughts and Behaviours. As practitioners we will cover some of the assessments that may give us more of an accurate insight and some protocols that we can advise on that will shine a light on Feeling Better.


Cain Leathem is one of Britain’s leading Exercise and Nutrition Consultants having studied extensively aspects of the human body, exercise and nutrition, biomechanics, endocrinology, phlebotomy, DNA assessment, Neuro Linguistic Programming, First Aid for Mental Health among many other related disciplines. As a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine he prides himself on furthering his education and the sharing of this knowledge and he has been a strong supporter of Solgar for his 30 years in the industry.


Weds Oct 19th 2022 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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