A cardiometabolic healthy person has normal, un-medicated blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level, with a BMI and waist circumference in the ideal range. Also, they should show no evidence of cardiovascular disease, such as a prior heart attack or stroke.

Even when focusing exclusively on the fact than 50% of Irish adults are overweight or obese, around 2 million people could benefit from optimising their metabolic health for better health span and lifespan. The number would be higher if we considered the other risk factors.
Join us to learn:

what is CMD, and how does it shorten health- span and life- span
underlying causes and drivers of CMD
dietary interventions
lifestyle hacks
supplements to consider and why
a specialist’s approach to various types of cases (case snippets)

Date: Sept 20th

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

Location: Radisson Hotel, Cork

Cost: €35.00

Registration: https://www.pharmanord.ie/academy