Join Nutri Advanced and FunctionalDX in their first partnership webinar on 22 November 2022, presented by Functional Medicine practitioner Jo Gamble and co-hosted by Jonathan Cohen Director of FunctionalDX, and Senior Nutritionist Sarah Sharpe from Nutri Advanced.

This webinar will be your opportunity to join the dots between functional testing and personalising a protocol for your autoimmune clients, demonstrated clearly using a real-life case study from Jo’s busy clinic.

The FuntionalDX Ultra is the most comprehensive and in-depth signature test panel from the FunctionalDX Professional range, comprising more than 90 biomarkers, and comes with a bespoke, easy-to-interpret report. With the FuntionalDX Ultra you really can get ahead of the game by identifying functionally high and low results long before a clinical diagnosis can be provided. Produced by proprietary software, the reports save you valuable clinic time, allowing you to make targeted therapeutic decisions with confidence and efficiency.

In this 90 min lecture Jo will cover:

  • Choosing the most appropriate functional tests in relation to autoimmune conditions
  • What the tests can tell us about : Blood sugar imbalance : Immune dysfunction, Inflammation, Gut dysbiosis, High Cholesterol
  • What you can achieve with a personalised plan including dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions on the tests, supplements and protocol used to Jo along with Jonathon Cohen

Date: Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Times: 6:30PM – 8PM

Speaker: Functional Medicine Practitioner, Jo Gamble and co-hosted by Jonathan Cohen, Director of FunctionalDX and Senior Nutritionist, Sarah Sharpe from Nutri Advanced

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