Achieving hormonal balance is a goal for most women. However, although they diligently follow the same ‘healthy’ diet and lifestyle plan as others, some women don’t get the same results. This can be disheartening at best and at worst can impact health through every life stage.

Understanding the roles that genes play in oestrogen and progesterone metabolism can help find the root causes of hormonal issues and develop personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans to empower clients to achieve their health goals.

Join Emma Beswick of Lifecode Gx and Jo Gamble, Functional Medicine Practitioner as they take you through the nutrient-hormone-gene interactions that affect our hormone pathways and what you can do to help clients achieve their best genetic potential.

Key areas covered in this lecture are:
– Genes affecting Oestrogen & Progesterone metabolism and response
– Hormone production and clearance
– Key nutrients to support optimal function

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Title : Achieving Hormonal Balance: How to Support Hormone Pathways Using Nutrigenomics

Date : Tuesday 20th June

Timings : 10:30am – 12:00pm