Safe, practical and evidence-informed nutritional support for people affected by cancer. Nutrition practitioners working with people diagnosed with cancer need to understand the range of treatments their clients may receive, and treatments have evolved considerably, from ‘mainstay’ treatments with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Newer targeted treatments, biological drugs and immunotherapy drug regimens are now widely used and these need to be understood by practitioners when developing their recommendations.

Practitioners are required to have additional skills beyond their primary qualification, to meet the needs of working in this clinical field. Nutrition professionals also need to understand how to effectively communicate and collaborate with medical teams to support their clients in an integrative paradigm.

ION’s updated three-day course is designed to help practitioners gain confidence in working with clients affected by a range of cancers, and provides a foundation for further understanding and exploration. For those already working in this field it provides a detailed consolidation and update of knowledge and skills. Specific cases will be used to illustrate typical treatment regimens used in common cancers including colorectal, breast, ovarian and lung cancer, and melanoma. Evidence-informed practice for appropriate nutritional support alongside these treatments will be explored.

Speaker: Dr Carol Granger DProf BSc(Hons) MSc MRSB CBiol FBANT

Date: Nov 7th

Time: 9:45 am

Location: Online

Cost: Live Course Cost: £357

Cost: On Demand Cost: TBC