What role does personalized nutrition play in immune resilience?

Personalised nutrition is the first line of defence against chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes. These conditions may also predispose COVID-19 patients to more severe
symptoms and worsened outcomes.  Chronic and infectious diseases share several features including widespread inflammation and impaired immune system function .

The effects of nutritional interventions in the progression of chronic diseases can take weeks, months, and even years in some cases. However we can’t deny how powerful they can be powerful and life changing.

Join us for a unique masterclass with integrative medic Dr. Rajendra Sharma on discovering the key nutrients and functional medicine approach to building immune resilience.

When: Wednesday 5th  Oct 2022. 6PM to 7.30PM

Where:  Online

Cost: £15

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Immune Resilience and Infectious Diseases