The webinar will cover:

1. Latest scientific understanding of intestinal permeability and its impact on health,
2. Classification and sub-groups of intestinal permeability, including their clinical implications,

3. Risk factors and potential causes of intestinal permeability,
4. Disease and health conditions associated with intestinal permeability,
5. Validated testing methods for assessing intestinal permeability in clinical practice,
6. The use of food sensitivities testing as a tool for identifying compromised intestinal barrier function,

7. Evidence-based dietary and supplement recommendations for the management

Speaker: Dr Brad Leech is a PhD-qualified Clinical Nutritionist specialising in chronic autoimmune conditions and complex gastrointestinal disorders. He provides complete and personalised care to his patients using functional nutrition, integrative medicine and holistic wellness. After entering the profession in 2008, Brad has taught and developed subjects at leading universities and conducted research on intestinal permeability, autoimmune disease management and food-based probiotics. His PhD involved the development of the IP Guideline, the first clinical practice guideline designed to support clinicians in the management of increased intestinal permeability. Brad is the Lead Clinical Educator at Co-Biome, where his expertise in gastrointestinal healthcare enables him to translate the latest science on the gut microbiome into practical clinical applications. In addition to his research and working with patients, Brad offers practitioner support through his mentoring program Brad’s Brainiacs.


Date: Wednesday 28th June, 2023

Time: 3pm

Duration: 1.5hour

CPD points = 1.5 points

Cost: Free

Registration :