Late December has always been a time to feast in this part of the world long before we celebrated Christmas. Traditionally the winter solstice was a time when the remaining livestock would be slaughtered before the coldest nights of winter really set in. The cold, dark days that followed were always of powerful significance to people who would no doubt be wondering if they would survive the hungry days ahead. It’s perhaps a little hard for us to concede today an extended period of the year, where nothing grew, the larder was bare and people went hungry.

To celebrate Christmas, on the 21st December, Edward Joy will be talking about the history of nutrition during the festive season. How much good or harm it has done us and even how the fad diets that typically follow the new year are not so far removed from the behaviour of our Palaeolithic ancestors.

When: Wednesday 21st December

Time: 11am – 12pm

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