Excipients play a hugely important role in the manufacture of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and food supplements. Some nutrients, like Vitamin D, are dispensed into such minute quantities, they cannot be seen with the human eye, in this context, an excipient can help to fill the ingredient out so it can be evenly metered into a capsule or a liquid.

Additives can be used to stabilise an ingredient, to prevent oxidation or reduce reactivity with other items mixed into a formula. But what impact do these additives and excipients have on our health? How natural are they and what are the consequences of working without them?

In this hour long CPD talk, Edward will attempt to uncover some of the mysteries around this very contentious subject.

Wednesday 21ST September at 11AM

1 hour CPD with Edward Joy

Registration linkĀ https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMsdeisrz4oGtFdwffeZgR8lutOxoekPsg