As practitioners, we understand some of the root causes to autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis, lupus, MS, Hashimotos but learning further about the underlying mechanisms that drive autoimmune conditions can be key to tackling the disease.

Taking a Functional Medicine approach always has important tools specially with such conditions are on the
increase. In the session, our speaker, well known autoimmune expert Jo Gamble will cover:

  • Root causes of Autoimmunity
  • Why Autoimmunity is on the increase
  • A Functional Medicine approach to Autoimmunity

Join our latest webinar led by Jo Gamble in collaboration with Nutri Advanced for a webinar packed with 21st tools for autoimmune conditions.

When: Tuesday 18th Oct 2022. 6PM to 7.30PM

Where:  Online

Cost: Complimentary

Registration link:

Autoimmunity: The Disease of the 21st Century