NTOI have contracted Rob Verkerk and Melanie Aldridge who run the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH) to explain the regulatory landscape to NTOI members and help get our collective heads around, and be better equipped to navigate this complex and evolving topic

Like it or not we are in the middle of turbulent regulatory change and our growing profession is currently not up to speed with some regulations and laws flowing from the EU via FSAI that directly affect what advice we can and cannot give our clients.

Some vitamins become classed as prescription once they go over a certain dose…some herbs are not allowed to be prescribed in Ireland…we are not currently sure whether or not we can prescribe glandulars. There is more to this that we still can’t see.

Like it or not we have to get to grips with this or our insurance may actually be voided.No Irish NT has been taken to court or hauled over the regulatory coals yet, but it may just be a matter of time.

You can access the recording here

You can access the slides / notes here