We are pleased to announce our collaboration and support with the Irish Young Chef of the Year Award for schools. This was developed by Nutritional Therapist Katharine Tate, founder of The Food Teacher™. 
It was piloted in Limerick in 2019 and following its success it was launched across Ireland in 2020. The award is a curriculum mapped challenge for 5th and 6th classes (ages 10-12) to design a three course ‘Meal for their Hero’ for under €10.
During the award children learn chef skills, seasonality, sustainability, cooking methods, food hygiene and safety, where food comes from and the importance of food for health. The teaching also incorporates other curriculum areas including Language, Social and Environmental and Scientific Education, Maths and Art.
During the pandemic schools can promote the Cook at Home link found on the awards website, which includes videos and recipe cards.
Schools can find out more at https://ireland.youngchefoftheyear.com.
Once school reopen if members wish to become ambassadors to support the roll out of the awards please get in touch with Katharine at [email protected].

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