The5th Annual Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference.
Immune and Metabolic Health: The Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Approach.

Join FMC for a two day live and online, multi-disciplinary lifestyle and functional medicine conference featuring lectures from specialists and experts in functional medicine, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

FMC are bringing together some of the best minds in Functional and Personalised Medicine. 
Speakers: , Dr Wafaa Abdel Hadi (functional oncology), Dr Aseem Malhotra (cardiology), Dr Bob Rountree (functional medicine), Dr Liz Lipki (functional medicine , digestive wellness),  Prof Frank Sullivan (oncology), Dr Anthony Sharkey (meditation), Dr Constance Lehman (AI and cancer).
Live and On Demand Available
Tickets from €99 (rate available Oct 31st)

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