How to become an NTOI recognised Nutritional Therapist in Ireland

Do you have a passion for nutrition and health? Have you been wondering about how to go about training as a Nutritional Therapist?

The NTOI does not run its own courses but recognises diplomas from 3 accredited Irish colleges. The courses
taken must be the full diploma with supervised clinical training as a module.

The NTOI does not recommend any above the others. The course content and emphasis does differ
between the 3 so the NTOI strongly advises applicants to fully research them to assess whether they
suit their needs and interests. They also suggest that they contact the course administration and
directors to discuss the suitability of their course for them and, if possible, visit the campus.

The colleges are:

  1. The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health –
  2. The Institute of Health Sciences –
  3. The College of Naturopathic Medicine – 

Go and check out the different colleges to see what courses and locations is on offer!


All students of these courses are eligible to become student members of the NTOI for the duration of their studies and then to move on to full membership if they wish. The NTOI website provides a dedicated student area as well as being a resource for CPD, general news and information and events. The current cost of student membership is a once off payment of €30 for registration and €50 for the duration of the study period.


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