FERTILITY with Rosie Rayner ND


Fertility issues are becoming more prevalent. Around 15% of couples experience struggles with conception. It affects both women and men, and for women especially it can be tricky both emotionally and physically to restore hormonal balance. In this webinar we will touch upon some of the main drivers behind fertility issues, how to recreate balance […]

NMI: Personalised Nutrition via the Microbiome, Genome and Biomarkers:  Recent Advances and Clinical Applications.

Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Personalised Nutrition via the Microbiome, Genome and Biomarkers: Recent Advances and Clinical Applications. NMI Summit 2022 Friday 7th October - Saturday 8th October, 2022. Location: Millennium Gloucester Hotel 4-18 Harrington Gardens South Kensington London SW7 4 LH Personalised nutrition leverages individual information to deliver tailored diets, nutritional supplements, and behavioural changes to improve functional status […]

CHOLESTEROL with Sue McGarrigal ND


Cholesterol is in every cell in the body and has vital roles in health. This webinar will look at the facts about cholesterol, identifying what are healthy levels, the causes and effects of imbalance and the nutritional strategies to support cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Registration link  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYtf-qgqj4vG9Qukxcf1oYYV6OMt6zm_Kp8



Anxiety is a disorder that can upset many of the systems of the body. An anxious person can struggle as much with their digestion as their ability to relax and stay calm. Often the approach with anxiety is to sedate or stimulate other cognitive responses, in this hour long CPD talk, Edward will be looking […]

We ALL Have ‘Mental Health’ with Cain Leathem


Description Just as we all have Physical Health, we all have Mental Health! But just like the health of our bodies, our minds can face challenges and upset and may often need some support – be it ‘Time Out’, better ‘Training’ and/or Nutritional Support. This delivery by Cain Leathem will look at various aspects of […]


VIRUSES with Sue McGarrigle ND


We routinely speak about the good and bad bacteria in our lives. Viruses fall into the same categories. Our bodies are made up of cohabitating cells, bacteria, fungi and, most numerous of all, viruses. Within the last decade scientists have been researching the vast virome as an integral part of the larger human microbiome. This […]

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