Dr, Sarah Myhill is in Dublin on Saturday 30th September 2017.  Invited by The Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI)  www.ntoi.ie to talk about the 2nd edition of her book, entitled: Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic EncephalitisIt’s Mitochondria not hypochondria!

Q&A between NTOI and Dr. Sarah Myhill.

 NTOI: What motivated you to initially write your book: Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis?

Sarah :I wanted a self help tool to allow people to treat themselves effectively. The doctors are not doing such!


NTOI:  The second edition came out earlier this year. What new additions are there to it?

Sarah: Much more detail. Much better organised. About 3 x size of 1st edition. There is very little in there that CFSs cannot do without a doctor. Much more on chronic infections


NTOI: Taking the title of the first chapter of the book: Why is CFS/ME the worst treated condition in Western Medicine? So why is it?  A big question, I know.  Can you put it in a nutshell?

Sarah: Several: doctors are not looking for the mechanisms that result in the symptom of fatigue.

Symptom suppressing medication makes CFS worse.

Treatment such as graded exercise make CFS worse.

Identifying mechanisms means admitting to liabilities such a poisoning by sheep dip, Gulf War, sick building syndrome, silicone etc etc……..and therefore compensation due.

Doctors who do try to address causation are hounded by the Establishment in the form of the General Medical Council


NTOI:  Do you think that there are many cases of CFS/ME that continue to go undiagnosed by medical practitioners, and why?

Sarah: Indeed yes. Probably millions.  Doctors are intellectually idle  – they do not look for causation. It is quicker and easier to treat with symptom suppressing medication – when the treatment does not work they can blame the patient. Hence subtitle of my book “It’s mitochondria not hypochondria”


NTOI:  CFS/ME appears to be a multi factorial condition, as such, how difficult a condition is it to treat?

Sarah: Easy. Read the book and just do it. BUT changes require energy and resources and this is the sticking point.


NTOI: Do you think that cases of CFS/ME are on the rise?

Sarah: Yes – this is the commonest reason for school absence.


NTOI:  You are in Ireland to do a one day seminar for the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI)  www.ntoi.ie   would you often work alongside Nutritional Therapists and do you find NT dovetails well with your current practice ?

Sarah: Of course. I want them to have the Rules of the Game and the Tools of the Trade so they can offer exactly the same service that I do.


NTOI:  Do you still practice as a ‘conventional’ medical doctor?

Sarah: I am more conventional than the conventional doctors. It is they who are off kilter because  they are no longer addressing disease causation. They are losing the respect of patients generally.


NTOI:  How did the website  https://naturalhealthworldwide.com/ come about, and how is it being received?

Sarah: To try to give people direct access to effective therapies based on the above principles. SO far it has been very well received with enthusiastic feedback!





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