Chocolate Vanilla “Cheesecake” on Pecan Crust is delicious Vegan alternative to a traditional cheesecake.  This version is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free, Sugar Free, Vegan and Paleo

Recipe by Ola Mazurkiewicz Dip NT, mNTOI



•150gr Pecan Nuts, raw

•2 heaped Tbs Raw Coconut Oil,

•2/3 cup Dates, pitted

•pinch of Himalayan Salt


150gr Cashew Nuts, soaked for 2h

•3 heaped Tbs Raw Coconut Oil

•3 heaped Tbs Coconut Cream

•2 heaped Tbs Raw Cacao Powder

•2/3 cup Dates, pitted

•Vanilla Extract, natural

•pinch of Himalayan salt


1 Soak your dates for a few hours in a filtered water. Leave a handful dried.

2 Pre heat the oven to 165C and place pecan nuts in for approx 15min.

3 Place the pecan and not soaked dates with a tablespoon of coconut oil in a food processor and blend to the finally chopped consistency.

4 Drain the reming dates and place in a blending container together with the remaining coconut oil and pinch of salt. Blend until smooth.

5 In a bowl combine crushed hazelnuts and dates with date-coconut mixture using a spoon.

6 When well combined spoon it out to a container or small baking tin and flatten it up. Place in a freezer for 15 min.

Meanwhile prepare the “cheesecake”

1 Drain the dates and cashew nuts in place in a blending container.

2 Add coconut oil, cream, vanilla and blend until smooth.

3 Take 1/3 out and to the remaining add the cacao powder and a pinch of salt and blend together.

4    Take out the crust from the freezer and spoon the layers of cheesecake over it, first the chocolate  one then the plain one. Place in a fridge to set.

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