Fudge is a divine dessert, unfortunately most of the time its full of processed sugar and allergens like dairy or gluten. This Chocolate Fudge is different it’s gluten free, dairy free, free from processed sugar, suitable for Vegan and Paleo diet.


  • 200 gr Creamed Coconut block
  • 1/3 cup Dates
  • 2 Tbs Cacao powder


  1. Soak the dates for a few hours in a small amount of water, leave few dry dates aside for decoration
  2. Chop the creamed coconut to make it easier to blend
  3. Place chopped creamed coconut, dates and taco powder in a blending container and blend until smooth
  4. Chop the remaining dates into small pieces and sprinkle it on the top of the dessert
  5. Spoon out the mixture to plastic/glass container, preferable square one to cut out little square pieces after its ready
  6. Place the container in a fridge for 15-30 min until the mixture hardens
  7. Take out when ready and cut into small square pieces or other shapes you like



Recipe by Ola Mazurkiewicz NT mNTOI

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