Gut disorders are one of the most common presenting complaints in clinical practice and since time immemorial, experts have espoused that ‘all diseases begin in the gut’. Whilst healthcare practitioners often achieve significant benefits to patients by treating the gut via addressing dysbiosis and ‘leaky gut’, sometimes these protocols fail to produce meaningful results. New research has identified other novel targets in the gut that can facilitate both gastrointestinal and systemic healing.

In this webinar, we will explore how we can therapeutically complement the bottom-up approach of treating the microbiome and intestinal barrier, with new, scientifically-validated strategies of harnessing enteroendocrine signaling, the cholinergic anti-inflammatory reflex, and the brain-gut (as opposed to the gut-brain) axis. This new approach will provide new strategies to manage conditions such as IBS, IBD, systemic autoimmunity, and mood disorders.

About your speaker:

Nathan is the Global Head of Clinical Affairs for Metagenics, and previously the Head of Science for Metagenics responsible for Product Innovation, Research, and Development. Nathan has been involved in Clinical Education for over a decade. A regular speaker at conferences worldwide, he also hosts podcasts, interviewing world-leading clinicians and researchers on new and exciting developments. Nathan is deeply passionate about identifying new and innovative solutions in natural medicine to ensure the best outcomes for both clients and practitioners alike

Date: Tuesday 28th February

Time: 10.30am – 11.30am