Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2017

9.30am Saturday 13 May 2017 at the Clarion Hotel Dublin Liffey Valley, Dublin 22 

In attendance: Jayne Byrne (Chair), Evelyn Hyder (Director/Co. Secretary), Eileen Hannon (Treasurer), Linn Thorstensson (Director), Emer McCudden, Liz Gale, Conor Saunders, Patricia Daly, Sharon Rasmussen.

Apologies: Mr Mark McCann (Auditor), Maev Creaven, Doris Rabe.

  1. Welcome and Chairperson’s Address

Chairperson Jayne Byrne welcomed all Nutritional Therapists in attendance and the sponsors of the AGM and conference Day My DNA. Quorum was met and meeting declared open. The minutes were taken by Sharon Rasmussen. No proxy voting forms were received or special resolutions tabled for this meeting. Notice of meeting was sent to all members, there were no objections so was taken as read.

  1. Introduction of Directors

Evelyn Hyder, Jayne Byrne and Linn Thorstensson were introduced.

  1. Minutes of last AGM 2016

Minutes of 2016 were circulated with the notice of today’s meeting, no objections were raised so was taken as read.

  1. Director’s Report

This was laid before the AGM, no objections were raised and it was deemed as read.

  1. Chairperson discussion
  • Highlighted that the organisation has grown in numbers and is becoming a cohesive entity for Nutritional Therapists. NTOI remains the only representative body for Nutritional Therapists in Ireland and works to ensure consistency with similar bodies globally. Work is undertaken on a voluntary basis by the committee and directors and can only be brought to fruition by its members.
  • Discussed the new admin role that was created in August 2016, which includes membership secretary duties, technical support and general admin duties. The role was originally held by Imelda Finn who unfortunately had to step down. She was thanked for her service. Liz Gale took over this role to ensure continuous admin service was in place. Liz was thanked for her service to this role.
  • Called on member support for this year’s Nutritional Therapy Awareness Week.
  • Highlighted the primary aim of NTOI is to foster the development of new NTs, to promote and support the practice of NTs and to consistently further the recognition of Nutritional Therapy as a mainstay of optimum health within the general population.


  1. Financial Report

As the auditor’s McCann & Co were unable to attend the AGM Eileen Hannon (Treasurer) read the Financial Report and summarised accounts. The Auditor’s declaration and report were previously issued and no objections raised so they were deemed accepted. The salient point that NTOI had made a surplus in 2016 was highlighted.

  • Question from the floor asking if the annual fee for the Natural Medicine’s Database was included in the surplus figure or not. Jayne confirmed it was included.
  • Question from the floor asking if NTOI was keeping the Natural Medicine’s Database. Jayne advised it will be kept as members had unanimously voted yes.


  1. Reappointment of Auditor

Jayne proposed the reappointment of McCann & Co as Auditor’s for the coming year. Eileen Hannon seconded the motion and was passed.

  1. Election of Directors

Rotation of the Directors requires that the longest serving Directors stand down at the AGM and are eligible for re-election. Evelyn Hyder and Jayne Byrne wished to resign and not stand for re-election. Jayne proposed to re-elect Linn Thorstensson as Director, this was seconded by the majority of the floor and passed. Jayne proposed Maev Creaven as new Director, this was seconded by Emer McCudden and was passed. Jayne proposed Lynne Dalton as Company Secretary, this was seconded by Linda De Courcy and was passed.

  1. Other Business
  • Liz Gale gave an update on membership numbers, new member site log in details, member profiles, CPD events for 2016/2017 now online, membership renewal, future webinars, FAQ doc.
  • Question from floor about pro rata payments, new process to be clarified.
  • Emer McCudden provided an update on CPD hours needed for full, student and non practising members, CPD information doc on website, Weston A. Price conference, and future events with Ed Joy, Sue McGarrigle and Dr Sarah Myhill. List of CPD events on NTOI website
  • Conor Saunders gave a summary of the Think Tank day held in April. He discussed the results of the survey taken by NTs with regards practising hours, public impression of NT, outlook on future earnings, training and NT branding, marketing and promotion. He also discussed communication between the 3 colleges, NTOI on social media, collective messaging and member’s personal v business Facebook page(s).
    • Question from floor looking for minutes of day and if a team was in place for the action items
  • Sharon Rasmussen presented the projects/tasks for 2017 and highlighted current number of volunteers available. She explained what would be involved in volunteering and asked members to consider helping with the extensive list of tasks so that NTOI could achieve as many tasks as possible this year. She discussed how most tasks came from the Think Tank day and this group of work would be the biggest initiative in 2017 along with NTAW 2017 and looking at how we approach the Health Insurance companies.
    • Comments from the floor were to circulate the detailed list of tasks so members could review and volunteer on particular tasks
    • Question from floor asking if anyone was interested in the PR role
    • Liz commented that Linda De Courcy has been working on health insurers and a meeting will be scheduled for volunteers in June
    • Jayne thanked members who have already volunteered
  • Patricia Daly talked about recent events in the media and the complaint made against her from the ASAI. She received a standing ovation from the members. She explained how the complaint came about and how she is working through it. She will circulate her response to the NTOI.
    • Question from the floor asking if Patricia sought legal advice
  • Linn presented Jayne and Evelyn with flowers and thanked them for all of their work as NTOI Directors. She thanked Brendan for the newsletter, Liz for all her hard work as admin, Billy for his tech support, Sharon for the minutes, Eileen as treasurer and welcomed Maev and Lynne. She officially closed the meeting.
  • Evelyn and Jayne both gave a speech thanking those they had worked with and for the work they had done.