Minutes NTOI AGM 2020

In attendance
Fionnuala – Admin
Linn Thorstensson – Director
Maev Creven – Director
Lynne Dalton – Director & Company Secretary
Fabrizio Marini – CPD committee
Liz Gayle – CPD committee
Brendan O’Brien – Social Media Committee

Linn T opened the meeting with introductions and welcome of the attending members and sponsors: April Dannan, BioCare, Marine Health, Nouveau Health Ltd., BioNutri, Dr. Dilis Clare, Maria Lucia Bakes, Vitae, Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium, Pure Encapsulations, Nuzest, Nucleotide Nutrition, Pharma Nord and Nua Fertility
She also introduced other directors Lynne Dalton and Maev Craven.

LT read out agenda
There was no proxy, no special resolution, no objections, no EGM, no objections to 2019 AGM
organization continues to strengthen as a cohesive entity for nutritional therapists with some total members of 400 in 2020, in comparison to 314 in 2019. Only Irish based nutritional therapy organization representing Irish NTS in Ireland
Reminder that all work is undertaken on involuntary basis by the committee and the directors of organization.

Directors report no objections and taken as read

Apologies were sent by Mr Mark McCann of McCann and Company, the company auditors and, therefore, the financial statement will be presented by Fionnuala Ni Mhairtin No material misstatements

Reappointment of auditors
McCann & Co. proposed by LT and seconds by Monica – motion passed
Election of directors
Linn Thorstensson and Maev Creaven both stepped down from their role as directors.
Longest serving director stands down which was Lynne Dalton. She stood for re election which was seconded by Ciara Wright
Conor Saunders then put forward that election of the directors has not been conducted properly or in line with normal procedures in these types of organizations
LT – outlined how proper process had been followed. CS required that his comments were recorded
FNiM – outlined that wording of Agenda potentially should have said “Proposed directors” and not “New director and that is where confusion may have arisen.

Sohini De proposed by LT as new directed – seconded by Edelle and Annemarie
Fabrizio Marini proposed as director – seconded by Edelle and Ciara Wright
Conor Saunders flagged potential conflict of interest with Fabrizio’s work with Pure Encapsulations. Discussed by the floor and in chat box.

Potential conflict of interest acknowledged but accepted and FM elected as director

Formal part of meeting ended

Special matters / reports from sub committee

LT again calls for subcommittee – send email to Fionnuala if interested

Julia Trailman potential for new director for 2021

Fabrizio and Liz re CPD

FM – 10 registered and 20 personal allowed for 2020 to be continued for 2021

Spot checks are being carried out. If members falling behind let NTOI know and NTOI will work with members on a case by case basis

LG BCD will be on line next year – members invited to submit a proposal to participate by first week in Dec

Brendan / social media envisaged as something to elevate view of NT to the public

Can’t allow engagement to happen on the page for any controversial or emotive topics, need to be mindful that insurers and dieticians are looking at us.

need to move away from generating engagement towards just showing a page

Less than 3 post per week is not good for engagement, consider preloading

Sinead Dundon NTA week – summarised and outlined support from various people

Linda Murray – ran an even in March called Mood Food, partnered with Roisin from Mood Food

Kara Reilly – Cork event – Health Fest, meeting up, great feedback and not too onerous to get up
Reflection of the team were perhaps to charge more, include lunch etc.
Could be a potential revenue stream in particular if ran around the country

Fionnuala – CORU – complex matter that should be discussed in a think tank

LT spoke of a proposal from Linda Murray to increase membership cost from 100 to 150 over 5 years to fund future marketing person to promote NT, foster collaboration with other organisations and so forth. To be discussed further at the Think tank

Billy – Facebook group big resource and knowledge transfer area. Concern around FB censorship, on thin ice with FB deleting the group and all the information.
Proposes to switch to MeWe for short term at least.
Document AOA and memo
Disciplinary policy to be written up and visible
General procedures around AGM, election of directors made available on website also.
Quarterback proposal of everyone in NTOI giving a part of their time to help with the organisation as it is all run voluntary.

Conor – Who and Who is not on Committees?
Proposed Self-Certification – website, twitter etc. cohere and applies to NTOI Policy to renew membership.
Proposed a complaints and disciplinary procedure – internally and with clients
Questioned why he was kicked off the FB group, proposed it was due to a lie, and linked with Corona virus post.
Queried the work done with Colleges a few years ago, what is being done?
Questioned p[roxy forms for the AGM