Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for NTOI Friday 7th of June 2019

Green Isle Hotel, Clondalkin

Minutes NTOI AGM 7.6.19


In attendance

Liz Gale – Admin

Linn Thorstensson – Director

Lynne Dalton – Director & Company Secretary

Fabrizio Marini – CPD committee

Brendan O’Brien – Social Media Committee



Linn T opened the meeting with introductions and welcome the attending members and our sponsors (Invivo, Gastrolife, Wild Nutrition, Pharma Nord, Nucleotide Nutrition, Lorisian).

She also introduced to other directors Lynne Dalton and Maev Craven.


LT read out agenda

There were no proxy , no special resolution, no objections, no EGM, no objections to 2018 AGM


Directors report no objections

Organisation continues to grow in numbers and strength. Main organisation representing NTs in Ireland.  Remind attendees that all work is voluntary and that all members are part of the organisation


Financial report was read out by Liz Gale.

No material misstatements

Reappointment of auditors

McCann & Co. proposed by LT and seconds by Ciara Beague – motion passed

Election of directors

Longest serving director stands down, which was Linn T.  Proposed for re- election by Fabrizio and Linda de Courcey

Overview of current membership numbers  was given by Liz Gale

Current membership 363   / 240 full  / 55 non practicing  / 64 students

Plea to renew as possible to the beginning of the year

LG drew attention to membership site where practitioner details can be set up and also to log CPD.

Other benefits and functions on the membership site:

Natural standards database

Webinar page NTOI logos

Free tutorial on navigation of site

A new public website has been launched and was shown on the projector screen – The new website shocases articles , recipes and blogs – The committee invites  NTs to submit pieces for the public site

Note public events page –An urge NT to submit their events here also. This is a great opportunity to get their own events marketed to the public.


NTAW 2019 / 2020 – Summary and new ideas read out by Liz Gale

Took place in Feb 2019 – sponsored by Pharma Nord , well received and a lot of participation

Suggestion for 2020: 3 – 4 regional events local NTs.   NTOI will cover room hire, print etc. and up to regional group to organise content i.e. presentation, cooking demo, sales, invite other therapists.  A vision of a mini Well Fest.

NTOI would seek a sponsor. Charge small fee for public attendance via Eventbrite and profit shared with contributing NTs.

Would still be a NT week with events taking place at various points in the weekend.

Linda de Courcey proposed that more than one day may be needed in Dublin and at the weekend to accommodate families etc.


CDP updates etc was given by Fabrizio Marini

Fabrizio gave and overview of CPD . There are approx events on every month. Two by NTOI, Behind Closed Doors and Antony Haynes seminar in the first half of 2019.

Thanked attendees for support.

Companies are eager to have seminars here, they are approaching us. Fabrizio encouraged all NTs to do business with these companies.

Webinars are popular. We feel the right mix of webinars and seminars are available now. There are plenty of opportunity to obtain CPD points.

Fabrizio mentioned the Summer series that is done in collaboration with NTOI for its members – Dilis Claire, Ben Brown and Robyn Puglia. These are webinars and recordings will be hosted on the membership site for future viewing.

CPD events September to November – IFM, Biocare, Nutri Advanced.

Fabrizio was giving an update on the CPD check done at the end of 2018. 42/246 had obtained CPD requirements  – 154 emails were sent asking members to log CPD.

Not keeping up with CPD is bad for NT as a business and also for clients who are not getting the benefits of up to date practitioners.

Room agreed that 42/246 was not an acceptable situation.

Irish Life is now recognising NT as a profession – we must keep up with CPD.

He mentioned that in 2020 will begin exclusion of NTs who do not keep up with their CPD requirements.

Question was proposed that CPD should be allowed to be carried over – confirmed this was 10 points – confirmed that the surplus would show on the checklist.

Anna Collins – CAM conferences recognise by BANT allowable?

Third section where NTOI will give accreditation for BANT approved?  So much CPD events on offer now that shouldn’t need BANT events to hit target of 30 points.

If attending BANT approved conferences then they can be used as registered points. If they are recorded conferences or online webinars then they will count towards personal points.


Social Media  Team  update was given by Brendan O’Brien.

Social media team is the result of a think tank a few years ago. Brendan O’Brien, John Staunton and Gregana Gaydadzhieva (Geri) John Staunton has since stepped down.

Brendan explained how the social media team works, raising tide for all boats, public awareness

They had good success in first year.

SM team acted as a funnel for NT week.

Impact / Growth – FB 1000 new followers, twitter 500, Instagram 800

Aim is to create and air of professionalism around what we do.

Brendan encouraged members to reflect a professional image, to avoid NT reflecting questionable practices and they should be mindful of contentious topics such as cancer and vaccinations

He made a request for volunteers to the SM team.

Blog section on website – needs 4 volunteers – 1 blog a month.  Act as gatekeepers for blogs that will be submitted by greater membership.

Event section – concentration point for health and wellness around the country – needs 3 volunteers to collate events and promote.

Ciara Wright suggested a hashtag  – promote #thisiswellness as an umbrella term for the whole NT community.

Suggestion of public newsletter sent out via an email.

Brendan gave a plea; “The more we do for each other the more everyone will get out of it.  Shrug off the idea that we are all competing with each other and that we are all fishing from the same small pond.”


Health insurers update

Linn T – gave update on behalf of Catriona Fitzpatrick.

In 2018 letters were sendt to Irish Life, Laya and VHI.

Irish Life now recognise registered NTs with NTOI.

Irish Life require a membership certificate / membership number to verify the claim.

Liz to confirm with Irish Life if membership number would be sufficient.


Conor Saunders spoke about testing with Biomnis.

He had been in contact with Tom Darmody.  He mentioned a nurse in south Dublin called Gabby who may be available for phlebotomy.

Suggested a Profile called NTOI Smart Check – similar to GP blood profile

FBC. LFT, kidneys, Fe suited, B12, folate , CRP

Also 4 x thyroid profiles  – affordable if leave out rT3.

Can tick for ad hoc – like minerals, ttg, hcy and Cu profile a possibility

Female hormone profile also available.

Biomnis have huge selection of tests – can add on as needed via code.

Ciara Wright raised the question – Are we insured via Balen’s to interpret bloods? This will have to be investigated further.


Meeting declared closed.

Minutes recorded by Lynne Dalton.