Our AGM and 1 Day conference saw a full day of learning from our two keynote speakers Dr. David Brady and Dr. Deanna Minich.

You will find PDF versions of their presentations as well as handouts and two published papers by Dr. David Brady.

Linked below is also the presentations from our Gold, Silver and Lunch Sponsors.

Dr David Brady

Autoimmune Presentation

Fibromyalgia & Global Pain Syndrome Presentation

Molecular Mimicy, the hygiene hypothesis & autoimmunity – open access paper

Fibromyalgia Paper

Dr. Deanna Minich

Detox Seminar 

Seven Systems of Health

Whole Detox Modalities

Sponsor Presentations 

MyDNA Health

Laura Dowling – Naturalife

Hifas da Terra

Invivo Clinical



A huge thank you to all of our members who turned out in such great numbers over the two days!

The Directors & Committee